Updated: Apr 27

Our first video game is going to be based on a real life story and documentary about a tusker elephant named Tolstoy. We plan on launching a collection of 2D NFTs followed by a collection of 3D NFTs. All great projects start with a mood board, and here are some of the artistic styles we're researching for the development of our NFTs.

Apart from an artistic style, we're interested in the ability to take a natural interpretation, and make it more human like. The next series of images is an exploration of elephants depicted as characters.

We're currently in the process of interviewing 3D NFT artists and we love the quality of art and rendering in these images below. When we shift to 3D, we intend to strongly up level our artistic prowess.

We will update this page with our process of developing mood boards and choices we're making about our characters. You'll have a a behind the scenes look at our development.

Simultaneously, since we are in the process of developing games. We're also looking at world development, and how to introduce more surreal atmospheres to the gaming, NFT, and metaverse environments.


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