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To become the leading edutainment gateway for onboarding non crypto users and supporting charitable causes through action-adventure play to earn games that encompass the latest breakthroughs in Cinema, GameFi, and the NFT revolution.


The Jungle Games' mission is to revolutionize the edutainment industry by surpassing industry standards in artistic innovation, social interaction, and purpose-driven gaming. Our games support good causes, fund the development of breakthrough technology, provide easy access to the metaverse, provide financial opportunity, and catalyze the decentralized finance movement. In support of the animals and habitats are games are based on, Jungle Games will utilize auto-impact technology to quantify the financial support going into non-profit campaigns associated with the documentary films.

Executive Summary

The Metaverse is geared to become the next computing platform replacing smartphones and laptops, creating new ways to engage with family, friends, acquaintances, communities, and professional spheres. Up until now, most of our digital experiences have taken place on 2D screens, but the Metaverse will make it possible for new digital experiences to take shape without the inherent limits of the 2D screens.

This new 3D version of the Internet will be both immersive AND superposed to reality, introducing new dimensions to the ways we play, work, interact and learn. In contrast to today’s siloed Internet, the Metaverse will bring these two worlds together and make them interact, too. In addition, it will catalyze the exchange of information amongst strangers and increase the speed of globalization.

Jungle Games is an alternative reality technology studio developing purpose driven games and digital experiences that bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world. We utilize transmedia storytelling through partnerships with award-winning media production studios to produce gamefi edutainment that effectively takes action in protecting and preserving wildlife and the environment.

Jungle Games threads edutaining storylines with incredible social and 3D experiences. In collaboration with major media product studios, we are developing surreal representations of real world environments where players will be able to explore digital realms, interact with one another, watch films, and engage in action-adventure role-playing games.

Each documentary we partner with sparks the creation of a new NFT collection, game development, and the addition of new territories in our metaverse. NFTs serve as keys to access virtual worlds, and they allow our players to interact with films in ways that would otherwise be impossible. The investments players make into NFTs collections, as well as the time they spend playing games actively support the real world characters and habitats the games are modeled from by transparent quantifiable charitable donations.

The Jungle Games metaverse will attract animal lovers, environmentalists, gamers, NFT traders, and crypto enthusiasts alike. The platform holds an NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell 2D & 3D usable in-game NFTs such as our Tusker Elephants with different personalities, skins, tusk ornaments, weapons, armor, and tools for increasing speed and/or power. The 3D NFTs in-game can be bought and sold using the $JUNGLE and $FAUNA token, the native tokens for the Jungle Games metaverse. In addition, spectators can track their favorite players and place bets on who will win in the safari social lounge.

NFT trading volumes have exceeded $23 billion, and close to 41% of that comes from gaming NFTs (Forbes, 2021). Experts predict the NFT sector to breach the $256.97 billion mark by 2025 (Techjury, 2021). CoinGecko, a crypto tracking tool, expects the NFT market to reach more than $800 billion in the coming two years, with gaming as the most likely entry point and profile pictures (PFPs) next. The global movies and entertainment market is estimated to reach USD 114.93 billion by 2025, (Grand View Research Inc, 2022).

Our metaverse, games, films, and NFT collections are growing exponentially. We plan to partner with 10 documentaries over the next 5 years to develop a two billion dollar metaverse. We will build our community by leveraging existing communities from other blockchain projects, games, NFTs, influencers, and traditional PR. We plan to capture the attention of former audiences who have expressed interest in viewing our genre of feature films, and in doing so we plan to introduce a new wave of newcomers to the crypto and web3 industry who are seeking a purposeful interaction in the ecosystem.

Most importantly, our 3D games and metaverse make a real world positive impact on the lives of the characters and habitats our games are modeled from. We give a voice to the voiceless, and power to the powerless, all through gameplay dynamics, social encounters, and auto impact investing technology.


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