After careful consideration, we at Jungle Games have initiated taking massive action to build our dream. The following literature outlines the first milestones we aim to achieve.

Milestone 1:

- Partner with award winning documentary film makers. COMPLETE

  • Malaika Media

- Publish Introductory website and launch social channels. COMPLETE

Milestone 2:

- Finish Light Paper

- Finish Pitch Deck

- Incorporate Business

- Build first NFT Collection

- Grow Twitter Account to 2,000 followers

Milestone 3:

- Develop Tokenomics

- Mint NFT

- Mint Token

- NFT Launch

- Hire Core Team

- Onboard Advsiors

Milestone 4:

- Potential VC Raise

- Invest in Marketing

- Public Token Offering

- Launch Tolstoy Game

Milestone 5:

- Development of New Games

- Make Tolstoy available as a mobile game.

“Games are providing rewards that reality is not.” - Jane McGonigal

Imagine you're looking at a world map. Right now, the only territory being colored in is Kenya, home of Tolstoy the Tomato Thief. This is the first area in the map you're being invited to learn and explore. As we partner with other documentaries, new territories will become available. The map, the world of games to discover and explore, your metaverse where you will be free to roam will expand, and with it, will come a wave of financial support to protect and preserve these specific habitats. This is the vision of Jungle Games.


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